Welcome To Garden Gnome Publications

BLAS anthology sulfuringsGarden of Eden anthology
Now accepting novelette submissions for BLAS. Click the book covers for details.

Garden Gnomes are short and stony. Like us. They often feature beards, pipes, and other illogical, unnatural, or irrational debris.

And hats. We like hats.

Garden Gnome Publications was started to fill a niche in the digital publishing market. We like to straddle the fence between satire and horror. Dark and light. Weird and mainstream. That way, we can dive into either yard and terrorize the chickens.

You can see garden gnomes from the street, but it’s not polite to wave. You don’t want to get too close. They might wink.

A garden gnome can be welcoming but is usually not very social, though definitely not anti-social. They are not shy but don’t talk much. They live in the real world but represent something fantastic. Welcome to Garden Gnome Publications. Don’t pee on us and we won’t pee on you.

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