Pitch Clinic

pitch clinicHave you ever wished you had editorial control? Do you have an idea for a speculative fiction anthology, series, or imprint? Pitch us. If we like your idea, we’ll give you complete editorial control plus 50% of the profits derived from your efforts.

What We’re Looking For

The garden gnomes are looking to expand our product lines and we’re looking for a few good editors to help us. Here’s what we are looking for:

  • New products that fall into the speculative fiction genre, defined broadly right here.
  • We want speculative fiction products that fall on the weird end of the spectrum.
  • Interesting categories we can publish on the Flim-Flam Bush
  • Fun, wacky, wild, and interesting contests
  • Fiction imprints focused on a weird concept within the speculative fiction genre and its many sub-genres
  • Nonfiction imprints with a weird and speculative twist
  • No poetry

Remember, currently, we are a digital-only publisher. If you know how to create e-books, you’ll have a leg up. Otherwise, we’ll teach you.

We’re looking for at least a one year commitment. Longer would be nice. Experience with making editorial decisions would help, but it’s not necessary. You should be a published writer and have an eye for detail. An ability to develop story lines, assist writers in improving characters, and generally improving manuscripts is essential.

What You Should Bring To The Table

We’re looking for weirdos, wackos, and nutjobs who go bonkers over good stories well told. If you meet these qualifications, you’re what we’re looking for:

  • In love with speculative fiction
  • Possess an entrepreneurial spirit
  • Not afraid to work hard for no pay
  • Committed to paving your own path to success
  • Independently minded yet a team player
  • A desire to learn the ins and outs of indie and digital publishing
  • Able to see the big picture without sacrificing the details
  • Tireless drive to pursue your own path to success
  • Creative, imaginative, and enthusiastic
  • Gets jazzed at seeing others taste success

What To Include In Your Pitch

Don’t just toss an idea out and hope it sticks. Think it through. Why would readers be interested in reading what you propose? Why would writers want to participate? What kind of obstacles do you foresee and how will you overcome them? We’re looking for business plans. Here’s how you should structure it.

  • Your name
  • Where you are located (city, country, region)
  • How much time per week could you commit to your concept (editing, marketing, promoting, etc.)
  • One sentence summary of your idea (e.g. I envision a novel series based entirely on female protagonists [please don’t use this one; be original])
  • A 300-500 word synopsis of your vision for the product(s) you want to produce. (Who is your target readership? What kind of authors do you want to attract? Etc. This is your sales pitch. Make it good.)
  • Your detailed plan. 1,500-5,000 words. This should include:
    1. Why you are qualified to serve as editor (what’s your background?)
    2. Size of the market for your idea
    3. How you will solicit submissions
    4. What you will do to help with marketing
    5. Your editorial philosophy
    6. What similar products are on the market now? What is the competition for this product?
    7. Who are your influences?
    8. What else do you want us to know?
    9. When can you start?

Preference will be given to creative, novel (i.e. original), and weird ideas that have commercial potential. Your best bet is to know what others are doing and fill a void.

Send your pitches to editor at gardengnomepubs.com.

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