The Garden Gnomes Introduce New Imprints

The garden gnomes have been hard at work. We are proud to announce two new imprints to our growing collection of offerings.

Fire Up The Gaslight

First up, Gaslight.

gaslight and mythicals imprintGaslight isn’t so much an imprint as it is a new category of the Flim-Flam Bush. We’re looking for hard core nonfiction. But not just any old nonfiction. We’re looking for a specific kind of news nonfiction that you can’t find anywhere else.

News analysts, this is the opportunity for you.

If you fancy yourself a budding Rachel Maddow or Bill O’Reilly for the news of the weird, then you’ll love Gaslight. We’re looking for serious or funny commentary on the latest weird news. It can be obscure, absurd, odd, bizarre, or just downright off the wall. We want you to comment on it.

Gaslight is more than just a chance for you to rant. We’re not asking you to agree or disagree. We’re asking you to let your mind wander. How does that homemade cat castration in the heart of Smalltown U.S.A. make you feel? What do you think about when you read about the man who mows his lawn dressed as Jessica Rabbit and shares it on YouTube?

Feel free to go off on a tangent. Just make sure there is a clear connection.

Mythicals: Pray To Your Own Gods

hand of God touching Adam'sThe garden gnomes have been working on our first novella imprint for weeks. We’re finally ready to announce Mythicals, our imprint for the creation of new myths and re-telling of old ones.

If you have a thing for myths, then this will be for you. We want 20,000-40,000 word manuscripts that create new gods and demons or rework familiar stories from the past and present. Feel free to imagine and re-imagine the stories that have shaped our lives. Or, if you have the gumption, take a gander at shaping the future with the creation of new stories to behold.

Myths are powerful events of the heart. Share yours through Mythicals.

Free: Garden of Eden Anthology

Garden of Eden anthologyIf you’ve been teetering on the verge of buying a copy of the Garden of Eden Anthology, now is your chance to get it for free. Story Cartel is offering three $10 gift certificates for reviewers. I’d greatly appreciate it if you’d download the book and review it on Amazon and/or Story Cartel for me. Do it fast because this offer won’t last long.

Final Week For Sulfurings

On a final note, we’re entering the final week for receiving Sulfurings submissions. We’d love to get a few more short stories. Get ’em in, people. Get ’em in.

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