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Flim-Flam games prizeFor a few months now, Garden Gnome Publications has been taking submissions for a rolling contest we call Flim-Flam Games. It’s like playing the lottery without buying a ticket. The prize is a measly $5 (you need a PayPal address). And there’s no entry fee.

While we’re not offering a pot of gold, we are encouraging fledgling literary artists to get creative and send in their best flash fiction. Most flash fiction markets don’t pay at all, but the garden gnomes are at least willing to pay $5 for the best monthly story that meets the strictures of three arbitrary criteria, namely:

  1. What the garden gnomes like
  2. What our readers like
  3. And the writer’s ability to incorporate the monthly theme(s)

Wonder what those themes are? They’re listed on our Flim-Flam Games submissions page. In March, we’re looking for stories that incorporate dragons, clovers, or ashes into the storyline in some way. It can be subtle or in your ugly face. We don’t care, as long as you get those little gems in the mud where they belong.

When Should You Submit To The Flim-Glam Games?

Right now, of course.

A little more explicitly, whenever you have a story to tell.

To be even more specific, try to submit before the last week of the month because we publish stories as they come in. You submit, we read, and if we like it, we put it in the queue to be published as soon as possible.

Since last September, we’ve published flash fiction stories almost every Wednesday. If we got more submissions, we’d publish more often.

We’re taking submissions for March 2014 right now. If you want to address a specific theme, as long as the theme for that month has been published, we’ll go ahead and take your submission. If we like it, we’ll add it to the queue to be published for that month. So, go ahead, check out our Flim-Flam guidelines and send us a flash.

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