March Flim-Flam Game Winner

flim-flam game winner march 2014The garden gnomes are giddy and all beside themselves. In March, something magical happened. We started receiving more flashes in the pan to add to the Flim-Flam Bush weekly, and the quality of submissions went up too. That filled us so full of glee that we threw a party.

We were, for the first time since starting the games, able to publish a new story every Wednesday throughout the month. Not only that, but we’re booked up through April, as well. And we’ve started publishing stories for May.

All of this great participation is encouraging to us gnomes. We’re hopeful that someday we’ll be able to publish a new flash fiction story every day. Keep ’em coming!

Announcing The March 2014
Flim-Flam Game Winner

This month was spectacular. It was a very close race. Lydia Bengston came in with a late entry titled “The Shriveltongue Demon,” which managed to gain a lot of social media attention fast.

The week prior, Toni Stauffer, met with social notoriety of her own and even enticed one reader to leave a comment on her very creepy story “For Sale By Owner.”

This event left the garden gnomes regretting a missed opportunity. We decided to award points for comments. So every comment left on a story from here going forward will earn the author of the story additional points on the Flim-Flam Score Card. If you like a story, jump in with some praise!

While the garden gnomes were very happy with all of the stories submitted in March, these two – “The Shriveltongue Demon” and “For Sale By Owner” went neck and neck right to the finish line. In the end, it was “The Shriveltongue Demon” by a nose hair. Congratulations Lydia!

Interestingly, Lydia’s story was more popular on Facebook while “For Sale By Owner” was more popular on Google+. We’re not sure what that means, but we think both authors deserve some applause. You get a standing ovation from the gnomes.

The Final Week For
Sulfurings Submissions

When the gnomes started this publication we had in mind a new publishing model, one built for the third millennium. The idea was to give writers a graduated means of achieving publishing success. The first degree of that scale is the Flim-Flam Bush.

Our hope was, and still is, that authors published in the bush would go on to submit to our anthologies and be published there. Some have. Others started with our Garden of Eden anthology and then submitted to the bush. We’re okay with that too.

The next level of publishing opportunity will be our standalone novellas, the first of these opportunities being the Mythicals imprint (with more to come). And while we wait for that first submission to roll in, we’ve still got one week left for the Sulfurings anthology to fill up. Our biggest need is for short stories ranging from 1,501 to 10,000 words.

If apocalyptic or post-apocalyptic lit is your thing, we hope you’ll consider sending the gnomes something for Sulfurings.

And finally, we’ve introduced a new opportunity for non-fiction writers. Gaslight will focus on commentary on news of the weird. The gnomes can hardly wait to see what you come up with.

Garden Gnome Publications constantly strives to fill a niche in the speculative fiction and non-fiction markets, reaching ever new heights of weirdness for the glory of the gnomes. If you’re not too stoned, we’d welcome you to step foot in our garden and stay awhile.

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2 responses to “March Flim-Flam Game Winner

  1. Thank you for the Thank you for posting my work! It’s the first time any of my fiction’s been published and to have won as well is incredibly encouraging. Writing is a strange, solitary act and getting feedback is nerve wracking. This is, by far, the most fun feedback I’ve ever gotten. Thank you again!
    (Also, in Chrome, comment box text is white, so I can’t see what I’m typing. Not sure if that happens in every browser, but thought you’d want to know.)

  2. Thanks Lydia. I’m glad you won. Your story was fabulous. Keep submitting.

    On the commenting issue, it is a CSS problem. I keep telling myself I’ll fix it and it keeps getting pushed to the back burner. I’ll have to prioritize it now that I’m offering an incentive. Thanks for pointing it out.