One Bit Off

“Wait, she actually bit it.” Mr. Silver adjusted the optics in his main eye, zooming in on a woman chewing an apple.

Mr. Gray wheeled over and accepted the mathematical link formula to get the same image as Mr. Silver. “That’s not in the program. Are you sure she didn’t have a pear hidden in her other hand?”

“No, it’s definitely an apple from the Tree of Knowledge. I just ran the spectral analysis.”

Mr. Gray turned to his mechanical compatriot, rocking back and forth on his drive wheels. It was the best he could do to simulate shock and frustration. “We’re in serious trouble here.”

“I can calculate too, you know.” Mr. Silver rolled to the main data terminal and began to collect the carbon nanotube digital recorders.

“Oh, no,” said Mr. Gray, who had turned back to look through the viewport. “She just gave him some, and he’s eating it now. We’re going to lose our funding.”

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