Biblical Legends Anthology Series

Now accepting novelette submissions

publishing opportunities for writersThe Biblical Legends speculative fiction anthology series was born to give writers a chance to use their imaginations interactively with Old Testament and New Testament texts to create a new type of fiction within a growing genre. This is a marriage between the ancient and the new.

What We’re Looking For

Each anthology will feature flash fiction, short stories, essays, and poetry. Specific guidelines are:

Flash Fiction – 300-1,500 words. We want stories that address the specific theme of the anthology and that fall within the word count. From the weird to the orthodox, stories that stretch readers’ imaginations about the possibilities are encouraged.

Short Stories – 1,501-10,000 words. Stories that address the theme or explore possibilities within the broadest possible interpretation of the Biblical passage.

Narrative Poems – 50-500 lines. We’re looking for narrative poems, or poems with narrative structures. Lyrical brandishings are encouraged. Feel free to mix and match formal elements with the avant-garde. As Ezra Pound said, “Make it new.” But please address the theme.

Novelettes – 12,000-17,000 words. We want strong character-driven stories with a distinct speculative flavor and a weird twist.

What We’re Buying

Garden Gnome Publications wants first worldwide publication rights, electronic rights, reprint rights, and digital archival rights. Rights revert back to the author upon publication and author retains all other rights.

What We’re Paying

  • For flash fiction, the pay is $3 per story;
  • For short stories, pay is $7 per story;
  • For novelettes, pay is .003 cents per word, after editing;
  • For poems, pay is $13 per poem.

In addition, each contributor will receive a digital copy of the anthology in which they appear. Novelette authors will receive a print copy, as well. All payments will be made by PayPal.

How To Submit

Writers may submit up to 3 flash fiction stories per anthology, 1 short story, 1 novelette, and 1 poem. Send submissions to submissions @

Upcoming Deadlines

We’re not just trying to sell you books when we say this, but to get a feel for the types of stories we like to publish, purchase one or two of the anthologies. Currently available, “Garden of Eden” and “Sulfurings” in digital format at all the major online bookstores.

  • Garden of Eden – Re-opened! Deadline: Midnight EST, June 23, 2015. Get the info.
  • Deluge – Stories from the Great Flood. In dire need of novelette submissions. Deadline: Midnight EST, June 23, 2015. Get the details.
  • Sulfurings – Re-opened! Deadline: Midnight EST, June 23, 2015. Get the dirty lowdown.
  • Land of Nod – Cain killed his brother and was banished to the Land of Nod. What did he find when he got there? From its origin until the flood or any time in between, tell us what happened. Deadline: Midnight EST, June 23, 2015. Get more information.
  • Resurrections – Details coming soon. Deadline: Midnight EST, November 23, 2015


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