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BLAS anthology sulfuringsGarden of Eden anthologyIn preparation for our foray into print, Garden Gnome Publications is expanding its Biblical Legends Anthology Series to include novelettes in the range of 12,000 to 17,000 words.

We are looking for strong character-driven works of a speculative nature with a weird bent.

To get a sense of what we’re looking for, read a couple of our anthologies first. The first anthology is 99 cents. Get your copy of the first edition of Garden of Eden Anthology at the following online bookstores:

To get the best sense of our tone and style, pick up the second anthology in the series–Sulfurings: Tales from Sodom & Gomorrah–at the same venues. See it on the shelves:

How to Submit

We’re looking for weird speculative fiction. Emphasis is on weird and speculative. If you don’t know what that means, don’t submit. We’d like to push the boundaries on the weird part.

Each anthology is focused on a single biblical theme. We’re not looking for any particular POV or biblical perspective, pro- or anti-. Works do not have to be Christian, Jewish, or conservative or liberal, however, if you send us works that try to catch the wave of popular trends, they will likely be rejected. These might include but are not limited to:

  • Lilith stories – We get it. First earth mother and all that. Overdone. Save it for your MFA writing workshop.
  • Zombies – We love The Walking Dead. We watch it every week. And zombies are really popular right now. That’s why we don’t want your zombie stories. We’re different, you see.
  • Bible thumping – So you’re convicted. The whole world is going to hell. Evangelism, save lost souls, Jesus rules. Cool. Just tell us a good story. Stretch the facts even. But don’t preach.
  • Overtly gay lead characters – It’s become chic to hop on the pro-homo bandwagon. Sex sells. Gay sex sells even better. And civil rights, minority protection, all love is beautiful, yada yada yeah, okay. We understand. You feel oppressed. Everyone else is doing it and that’s why we’re not.
  • Veiled ridicule – We understand if you have no faith or you think those who do are nuts. Your stories posing as light humor written for the sake of ridicule don’t help. We want strong stories with strong characters driven by a strong inner urge. Don’t ruin it by taking potshots at others’ identities.
  • Rejected Bizarro-genre sex fantasies – If you send us your weird sex-filled Bizarro-genre rejections, we’ll reject them too. Anything that one of the major Bizarro publishers won’t touch will promptly be discarded by us too. There’s a reason you keep getting rejected. Weird sex for the sake of weird sex is not a story.
  • The obvious – Adam & Eve were aliens banished to earth from a planet named Eden. Ben and Bill were getting married and sulfurous rain killed their reception. God sent rain to punish people for animal cruelty. If your trope addresses the biblical theme in an obvious way, it will be rejected out of hand. If we see it coming, believe me, so will the reader. Go down three blocks, take a hard right then an immediate left and jump through the portal behind the alley into the previously undone.

In short, be different. Be weird. Send us your speculative best. Of course, if you send us a story with a strong gay zombie character who worships Lilith and ridicules his Bible-thumping neighbor and your story kicks ass, then we’ll consider it. But the chips are stacked against you.

For specific anthology guidelines, check out the following pages:

Our manuscript formatting guidelines are here.


  • Deluge – June 23, 2015 (We are currently working on this anthology and want to get it out the door. Guidelines.
  • Garden of Eden – June 23, 2015. Guidelines.
  • Sulfurings – June 23, 2015. Guidelines.
  • Land of Nod – June 23, 2015. Guidelines.


Accepted stories will receive a digital and print copy of the anthology. Additionally, we’ll pay you .003 per word. We’d love to pay more, but as a startup, we are budget-conscious. As we grow, you’ll see this number increase. Pay is based on final word count after editing.

Send your stories to submissions @ gardengnomepubs dot com. Questions about these guidelines can be sent to editor @ gardengnomes dot com.

To stay abreast of Garden Gnome writing opportunities, join our list for writers. Weekly prompts.

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