Extended DEADLINE: June 23, 2015

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Noah's Flood

Every major religion has a flood story. In the Bible, God sent rain for forty days and forty nights, but not before commanding his prophet Noah to build an ark. Noah and his family entered the ark and took two of every kind of animal with them. Those were the survivors. The garden gnomes want you to tell us the stories of the rest.

Who lived in this ancient time? What were they doing? How did they survive?

Let your imagination run wild. Invent new races, species, weird creatures. Were there aliens? Other survivors? Make your tales provocative, weird, strange, or absurd. They can be horrific or satirical, maybe even somewhere in between. Take us places we’ve never been before.

Your stories can be romantic, fantastic, and off-the-chart unbelievable. Give us mystery and intrigue, throw in some pulp, and churn in a dose of bizarre. Show us the science behind the times, deliver your best art, treat us to incredible philosophy, and hit us with lots of action by characters we love or love to hate.

Novelettes, Short Stories, Flash, and Poetry

We want this edition of the Biblical Legends Anthology Series to be incredible. It will be our first print edition. Please keep the following in mind:

  1. Our biggest need is at least one really good novelette. We’re looking for great character-driven stories of 12,000-17,000 words. See detailed guidelines.
  2. If you have a short story in you, send it.
  3. Flash fiction is always welcome
  4. Poetry is hard to write. We’re looking for poems that tell stories. They should be narrative poems, but not prose. Use poetic elements to tell a story of 50-500 lines. Be speculative. Be weird.
  5. More anthology guidelines

For Payment And Other Details

Novelette authors will receive digital anthology and a print copy, plus .003 cents per word.

For more details on pay and other guidelines, read up on the Biblical Legends Speculative Fiction Anthology Series and our general submission guidelines.

Deadline: Midnight EST, June 23, 2015.

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