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bloody mary legendWhere do legends begin? Loch Ness Monster, Bloody Mary, Big Foot, Elvis ….

Rumor is, legends begin as local talent. They become larger than life through word of mouth as more people learn of them and spread the news about their greatness. From Godzilla to Maude, legends start in a dark corner of the universe – whether it be Japan or a penumbra of someone’s candlelit bedroom – and grow to be bigger than life through well-run media campaigns and rubberneckers with unimpressive visual technology – you know, point-and-shoot cameras, primitive camcorders, and smartphones.

Well, today is your lucky day. The garden gnomes are looking for your local legends.

Is there a ghost with a machine gun running loose in your town? Maybe a drowned granny from the 19th century is roaming the countryside looking for souls to devour. Or perhaps a dog was run over on a major thoroughfare and now can be heard barking at passing cars on the loop around town late at night. Tell us your local legend.

Make it scary or make it funny. Just tell it well. We don’t care if you embellish. Hell, we likely won’t know. Just make us want to tell it to our children. If it’s good enough, maybe George Lucas will want to buy the movie rights (no promises; we’re not agents, you know).

Word count: 321 to 1,234. Hard count.
Pay: $5 per story, upon acceptance.
Rights: First publication, worldwide electronic, archival, digital reprint.

Read our submission guidelines and send your well-told local legends to submissions @ gardengnomepubs.com.

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