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“He did a good job,” remarked Shirley from her vantage point atop the hill that overlooked lush green fields and forests.

“It’s his umpteenth garden,” replied Marvin. “He should be an expert at it by this time.”

“It’s definitely an improvement on the landscaping job He did for us.”

‘That was three hundred thousand years ago, Shirley. These days, he’s got it down to a science.”

Shirley gave Marvin a disapproving look.

“There you go with that word ‘science’ again. Just don’t say it around Him. There’s nothing gets his goat more than people trying to play God.”

“Yeah, I know. The role’s already filled. But what’s He expect? No matter the planet, people just get bored hanging out with nothing to do but worship Him. Even in a gorgeous place like this.”

It was mid-morning on Earth. The sun gleamed down on all it surveyed as it moved toward its noon zenith. Shirley’s attention was taken by a grove of trees that were sprinkled with little red, yellow, and green dots.

“Wonder what those are?” she said, pointing to the object of her curiosity.

“Must be fruit of some kind.”

“I think you’re right. He sure has changed his ways. Remember, He dangled lumps of coal from our trees.”

“Like I said, Shirley, creation is a work in progress.”

A soft-scented breeze ruffled Shirley’s long brown hair.

“Wow, the first Earthlings really are being spoiled. All we got to pique our sense of smell was the odor from that rubber factory. Phew.”

“He was a bit more vindictive in those days. Especially after what happened on Tellara.”

“Oh, yes. Those two. Mavis and Artie. He put on a lovely forest, bright sunny days, and they’re only in the Garden of Good Stuff a week and they invent fire and burn the whole damn thing down. They didn’t even have to be evicted. They evicted themselves.”

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